HITAM, a top-ranked autonomous engineering college with a rich 24-year legacy, is all about ‘Doing Engineering’. 
We’re not just teaching theory—we’re shaping hands-on industry-ready engineers.

By partnering with global institutions, we’ve crafted a unique learning experience that goes beyond textbooks. With initiatives like Project-Based Learning (PBL) and XPLORE, students at HITAM dive into real-world engineering, gaining practical skills and making a real impact.


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Learning and creativity find their meeting ground and thrive together. 
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Doing Engineering

A unique methodology of HITAM to enable hands-on learning through industry alignment in Curriculum Assessment and Pedagogy.

Incubation &

Transform ideas into reality, through an ecosystem which inspires innovation and incubated with access to resources and mentorship.


Learn from distinguished faculty, complemented with rigorous academic programs that challenge you to excel in engineering.


Career Design Center

Prepare for success and launch your career with confidence, through industry mentoring and robust training programs.

Partnerships &

Unparalleled opportunities for academic and professional growth through partnerships with global leaders.

Campus Life

A vibrant and sustainable campus for holistic learning, where student experiences shape leaders of tomorrow.

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Training & Placement

We take career aspirations of each student on day 1 and offer continuous hand holding that enables students to upskill and align with the ever changing demands of the industry. 
Through hands-on learning, personalized training, mentorship, and a structured career map, we ensure they stay focused and prepared to achieve their goals in a dynamic professional landscape.




At HITAM, learning goes beyond textbooks with a strong emphasis on hands-on experience alongside theoretical education. This approach not only prepares students with practical skills but also aligns them with the dynamic demands of industry.



Doing Engineering

By merging theory with hands-on experience, our application-centric pedagogy transforms students into active hands-on learners in their journey. With ‘Doing Engineering’, we get every student to apply this mindset.

Problem Based Learning

It takes more than theoretical smarts to outshine the engineers you’re competing with. With project-based learning we cultivate a culture of: Critical thinking, Problem-solving, Self-management and Collaboration among the students.

Outcome Based Education

OBE emphasizes on what students should be able to do or demonstrate as a result of their learning besides the content taught during lectures.

Career Design Center

The Career Design Centre at HITAM is dedicated to guiding students toward successful careers by imparting essential life skills and cultivating key professional attributes.

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Testimonials from Our Students, Parents, and Esteemed Figures.


HITAM is more than just an institution; itis breathing testament to the transformative power of education with “Doing Engineering” , building leaders through “Student Self Governance” , and the lifting human spirit with its “affinity clubs”. It is here, where I found my voice, discovered my passion, and forged lifelong bonds that withstand the test of time
Lasya PriyaBatch of 2019, Department of Mechanical

I am very happy to share that HITAM has been putting in continuous efforts for my son’s academic growth, as well as for his overall development. I was able to observe his personality development throughout these four years and I convey my sincere thanks to the faculty and management for their role in bringing about this positive change in him.

Dharma RaoParent



It was a pleasure interacting with top management, departmental heads and faculty. The intention to transform & reach greater height is very high. I wish them all the best


Prof. Ashok S Shettar
Vice Chancellor – KLE Tech

Campus Life

Our dynamic campus offers state-of-the-art facilities, creating an environment where you can grow academically, socially, and personally. 
No two days in your 4 years of engineering will feel the same, as you will discover the perfect balance of study, recreation and innovation.


Student Self Governance

Bridge the gap between the leadership and students’ helping improve quality of student life

Affinity clubs

With well over 26+ affinity clubs and countless lively sports areas at HITAM


Established in 2022, our NCC Army Wing comprises 36 cadets who participate in all NCC activities



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