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Touch the skies with glory!


HITAM is a top-ranked autonomous engineering college with 22 years of exemplary legacy. It stands out with its unique ‘Doing Engineering’ methodology for offering engineering education that enables the students to become hands-on engineers. HITAM implements the best practices developed in collaboration with world class partner institutions to create a unique learning experience for students. With initiatives like project-based learning (PBL), experiential platform for learning and outreach in real time engineering (XPLORE), etc., students at HITAM are able to learn beyond the classroom.

Courses and Pedagogy


HITAM offers exclusively curated undergraduate engineering and B. Tech courses that revolve around artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and all things technology, making it one of the top B. Tech colleges in Telangana.

Research & Development

For a holistic learning experience, the doors of the R & D centre of HITAM are always open for students. With national and international opportunities, find and showcase research and engineering backed
solutions for world problems.


Experiential Platform for Learning & Outreach in Real-time Engineering (XPLORE) is an integration of future-oriented platforms like EPIC, GCSP< EWB, etc. It prepares students to explore their scientific and engineering careers.

Project Based Learning

Following the golden rule of practical learning, HITAM curates opportunities for students to showcase their learning through innovative projects, which are later graded, rewarded, and utilized for the betterment of the world.


Doing Engineering

The scope of learning new concepts and theories is never-ending at HITAM. With a long list of major and minor programs in engineering and technology, you can study various specializations and subjects.

Innovative Pedagogy

HITAM undertakes an innovative pedagogical model that includes experiential learning, teacher awareness, effective classroom interaction, stimulating activities, and an approach that ensures the personal and academic growth of each student.

Best Faculty

The faculty makes HITAM one of the top autonomous colleges in India, with the members undertaking certifications like IIEECP and NPTEL. The teachers have academic backgrounds from the top universities of the world.

Career Design Center

Under the Career Design Center, students prepare for the corporate world through internships, training programs, job fairs, externships, placements, and other resources.

Partnerships & Collaborations

HITAM fosters partnerships and collaborations with renowned international and national organizations that facilitate the educational journey of students. Some major partnerships include IBM, Grand Challenges Scholars Program, Invilogic, etc.

HITAM Campus Life

Certified by IGBC as the First Silver-Rated Green Building For Educational Institution, HITAM has built an infrastructure that is serene, refreshing, and motivating. With expansive architecture and an enthusiastic cultural environment, campus life at HITAM is unparalleled!

HITAM by the Numbers

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Achievements of Students

Achievements of HITAM

Where Students Got Placed

HITAM Innovation and Incubation Center

HIIC is a start-up for start-ups that supports every budding start-up in its growth journey. Our network of experienced academicians, founders, mentors, and team members aims to mold, shape, and provide the right opportunities to young talent with technological goals, investors, and a mentor pool. The idea was to deepen the entrepreneurship and incubation culture of the institute.

HIIC is for fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing tech start-ups. It administers a business incubator that provides ‘Start to scale’ support for technology-based entrepreneurship and facilitates the conversion of research activity into entrepreneurial ventures.

HIIC also aims to develop cutting-edge technologies grounded in science and engineering Innovations to solve pressing problems of the country, focusing on the underprivileged strata. It provides the right space and opportunities for converting your startup ideas into products and business.

Student Self Governance

Objectives of the Practice:
The objective of Student Self Governance is to protect and improve the rights, opportunities, and quality of life of every student at the Institutional level. This approach means that students agree to self-regulate their actions in order to maintain a healthy and safe community. With self-governance, students are responsible and accountable for their choices, words, and actions as individual members of the campus community.

The Context:

Student Self Governance is an initiative take up by the Institution in the year 2012. It is a council of students selected through interview process. The predominant ideology behind establishing SSG is, to enhance one’s leadership skills and enhance learning off class too. SSG plays a significant role in bridging the gap between the governing body and students need. SSG is involved in Management review meetings which thus satisfies the student centric value of the college. Self-governance isn’t for every student find it to be the right fit. But for those who can commit to maintaining a shared set of community values, it can be a great tool for creating a positive campus experience and teaching critical life skills. This practice aims at developing and appointing a team of students on positions equivalent to the actual governing body of the institute which helps them understand the various challenges faced to run an institution on the given day. Students are expected to hold themselves in high esteems inside and outside the classroom. Within the framework of student self-governance, students have the latitude to be creative, assume ownership, develop leadership, take risks, and learn from their mistakes. It facilitates the ideas and recommendations of today’s youth and allows them to transform these ideas into upcoming venture by providing them the necessary resources to execute their well-thought out plans in the future.

Partnerships and Industry Connect

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