Curriculum Assessment And Padagogy (CAP)

Our goal is to provide students with a curriculum that not only meets industry standards but also goes beyond just simple chalk and talk.

Our faculty employs Problem-Based Learning (PBL) throughout the educational framework, assigning students eight projects aligned with their career aspirations over the course of their studies. 

This approach ensures that students graduate industry-ready, with sizeable projects to their name at the beginning of their professional careers.


We are recognized for excellence with NAAC A+ grade and NBA. Explore more.


Our Doing Engineering approach earned us bragging rights over prestigious awards on a national and global scale.


We are positioned among the top private and autonomous institutions within the country.

Problem Based Learning (PBL)


Our faculty, trained by Aalborg University, implement innovative pedagogies to bring a practical, hands-on approach to engineering education.

Professors design curriculums around real industry problems, allowing students to work on problem statements as part of their coursework.

With extensive resource access, students are supported throughout their project-based learning journey.

Doing Engineering

We focus on practical, industry-oriented learning that prepares students to solve real-world problems. 

By moving beyond textbook scenarios, our programs equip future engineers with the skills and mindset needed to innovate and make a tangible impact.


Of our faculty is PBL Trained


Number of PBL certified faculty in India

Internationally Affiliated

to Aalborg University, Centre for PBL


HITAM students benefit from up-to-date industry perspectives and professional connections that enhance their educational journey and career readiness.


Visiting faculty from other academic institutions help enhance students’ academic performance by revising each curriculum unit, bringing fresh perspectives and up-to-date knowledge. This enriches the learning experience and keeps students current with the latest developments in their field.


Guest faculty from the industry provide valuable exposure to current trends and challenges by sharing practical knowledge and insights. This enhances students’ understanding and readiness for real-world applications. Their engagement varies from a few hours to multiple sessions, based on departmental needs.


Adjunct faculty from the industry enhance teaching quality by bringing practical experience and specialized knowledge. They provide insights on the entire course or specific units, depending on departmental needs. This exposure helps students gain a deeper understanding of their field and prepares them for real-world applications.


From Computer Science and Engineering to Emerging Technologies like AI/ML, Robotics, and IoT, each department is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and led by experienced faculty. Our commitment to excellence in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering ensures students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for success in today’s competitive world.


Research & Development

Our R&D initiatives span across various disciplines, driven by a passion for discovery and practical application. From groundbreaking projects in AI/ML, Robotics, and IoT to advancement in soil-less farming (ponics) and beyond, we collaborate with industry partners and academia to tackle global challenges.