Student Self Governance

Abridged version of SSG

In 2012, the Institution initiated Student Self Governance (SSG), a council of students selected through an interview process. SSG aims to enhance leadership skills and learning off-class. It bridges the gap between the governing body and students’ needs by enabling the student participation in management review meetings. SSG provides an unique opportunity to students who can commit to maintain a shared set of community values as it can create a positive campus experience and teach critical life skills. SSG encourages creativity, leadership, risk-taking, and learning from mistakes, facilitating the ideas and recommendations of today’s youth. Student Self Governance aims to safeguard and enhance the rights, opportunities, and quality of life of all students at the institutional level, fostering a healthy, safe community.


How is HITAM Different?

  • HITAM provides personalized attention to students, encouraging them to discover their potential and meet expectations of their education, career, and life. HITAM fosters a nurturing environment, supports job choices, and provides essential preparation for professional knowledge. HITAM also helps improve employability by encouraging positive outlook and meaningful careers.
  • HITAM is a renowned institute with a lush green campus and a silver-rated IGBC building, focusing on student-centric innovation and holistic student development. It offers specialized Centres of Excellence, extracurricular activities, and a distinct pedagogy, including project-based learning, action research, feedback classes, and instructor accountability.
  • HITAM’s Career Design Centre (CDC) offers a dynamic environment for students training in work-to-study environments. It provides comprehensive support, skill development, and industry connections to help individuals navigate their career journeys effectively.
  • HITAM offers various resources for career and personal development, including books, journals, online databases, skill development programs, experiential learning opportunities, resume reviews, mock interviews, alumni network, and mentoring programs. These resources provide access to job listings, industry trends, and hands-on experience, preparing individuals for real-life scenarios.
  • HITAM uses career management software, VR simulations, and AI to enhance job search, planning, and skill development. It offers inclusive services, supports underrepresented groups, and provides virtual counseling. Implementation involves stakeholder engagement, continuous improvement, and marketing.




The Wellness Counselling Centre offers personalized attention for comprehensive health management services, focusing on holistic student improvement and community connections. It offers individual and group counselling, psychometric evaluations, preventive and educational programs, crisis counseling, integrative health services, and culturally sensitive support. The centre also trains faculty and staff for mentoring graduate students. 


The motto of the wellness Counselling Centre is to improve overall well-being by addressing mental, emotional, and physical health, promoting healthier lifestyle choices, enhancing communication skills, enhancing academic performance, increasing community awareness, promoting long-term wellness through educational resources, and supporting employee well-being, reducing absenteeism, and fostering a productive workplace culture.

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