Valuation Process

Valuation Procedure for Semester End Examinations (HR21) 

  1. Double valuation for end semester examination introduced. Theory end semester answer scripts will be evaluated independently by internal and external examiner
  2. Lab examinations will be conducted involving internal and external examiners
  3. The controller of examination in consultation with the Principal will appoint the chief examiner. Normally HOD or a faculty nominated by him act as Chief examiner. The Chief Examiner should examine at least 10% of papers from each bundle to give suitable suggestions to the evaluator. The examiners shall be entitled to draw DA and TA as per institute norms
  4. Chief examiner will prepare the scheme and solutions key for valuation
  5. Only the scrutinizers and tabulators identified by the controller of examination on the approval of principal will do scrutinizing the evaluated answer scripts and tabulation of marks
  6. If the difference of marks between the internal and external valuation is less than or equal to 15%, the best will be considered. If the difference is more than 15%, a third evaluation is conducted. In such cases the final mark will be calculated by taking the average of the nearest two evaluations marks among the three valuations. There will be no further evaluations
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