Student’s Achievements

  • Appreciation to Mr. Syed Majeedullah from Governor for his contribution during Covid-19

  • Developed an application for people management at ESI hospital, Hyderabad during 2020 and presented the same for scaling it to other hospitals across the nation

  • IUCEE EWB HITAM - For Outstanding Presentation in IASF 2021

  • Excellence in Community Outreach Through Project – IUCEE 2021 Award - Syed Majeedullah & Team

  • Mr. Karthik Katta, Deepa Mandal, Amith received Rs 5000 rd cash award for securing 3 position in National level competition. Totally 205 design and 603 students participated

  • Mr. Karthik received 1 Prize in design expo conducted by St. Peters college of Engineering

  • Students received 1 Prize for the best project in the 24 Hours Hackathon on Internet-of-Things at HITAM

  • Establishment of ‘For A Cause’ NGO by current HITAM students to engage in social service in the year 2019