Experiential Project-Based Learning at HITAM

All hands-on, student-centric teaching / learning platforms  viz. EPICS, UBA, EWB, GCSP have now been seamlessly
integrated into XPLORE.

It offers substantial preparation to enter the realms scientific and engineering professions and helps students to explore
future career options and gives them a competitive advantage and enables smoother transition to full-time employment.

EWB and HITAM’s collaborative initiative is intended to encourage engineers to volunteer into community service, to
assist and actually improve the lives of deprived sections.

Activities undertaken under the initiative include:
– Rolling out feasible recreational projects
– Creating awareness about community service
– Promoting education among backward communities
– Propagation of sanitation and conservation of natural resources

GCSP, an initiative by NAE (National Academy of Engineering), USA, expects students to develop-

1. Talent Competency: Mentored research/creative experience on a Grand Challenge-like topic

2. Multidisciplinary Competency: Understanding multidisciplinary nature of engineering systems solutions developed through personal engagement

3. Viable Business / Entrepreneurship Competency: Understanding, preferably developed though experience, of the necessity of a viable business model for solution implementation

4. Multicultural Competency: Understanding different cultures, preferably through multicultural experiences, to ensure cultural acceptance of proposed engineering solutions

5. Social Consciousness Competency: Understanding that the engineering solutions should primarily serve people and society, reflecting social consciousness

HITAM advises students to register for GCSP and get a certificate upon justifying the five competencies.