Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Why Should You Go For B.Tech in Electronics And Communication Engineering?

ECE is the most adaptable engineering discipline since it exposes you to CS and core related subjects while also providing you with a wide range of employment opportunities in both the private and public sectors.

The BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering program at Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management offers to train aspiring engineers in skills that help them design big, relevant, and reliable electronics and communications systems.

About ECE Department at
Hyderabad Institute Of Technology And Management

HITAM is one of the top Engineering Colleges in Telangana and currently offers this program with an intake of 120 students. Our goal is to provide high-quality undergraduate teaching and research opportunities in a wide range of subjects with the main focus on the Design aspects of electronic systems.

With several in-house projects at the institute and the resources offered to the students, such as well-equipped laboratories and much more, students can immensely benefit by participating actively. This offers them a better grasp of how projects are managed and prepares them for a smooth transition from academia to the workplace.

Program Objective

To train the students in such a way that they are capable of working in teams in both the IT and core electronic industries around the world.

HITAM graduates will use transdisciplinary engineering initiatives to address societal concerns.

HITAM graduates will have a bright future in development and in the field of research.

Program / Course Outcome

To solve difficult engineering problems by applying the knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering foundations, and engineering specialism.

Use domain expertise knowledge to design and create electronic circuits, VLSI, signal processing, and embedded systems.
Demonstrate expertise in employing sophisticated communication technologies to solve practical problems that contribute to social requirements.
To provide valid conclusions by applying research-based knowledge methodologies in addition to data analysis and interpretation, experiment design, and information synthesis.

Using modern engineering and IT tools such as prediction and modeling with the right techniques to solve complex engineering problems.

Prepare future engineers to work well not only as individuals but also as members of a large team in a diverse setting.
Providing the required skills in communication for the students to be able to understand and write good reports and design clear and quality documents.
Demonstrating electronics and communication engineering expertise and understanding and management principles and applying them to one’s work.

What Is The Future Scope Of ECE Engineering?

B.Tech ECE can throw open several lucrative job opportunities for you. A career in avionics and aviation, consumer electronics, electricity plant, computer application, communication & telecommunication manufacturing, transportation, diagnostic equipment manufacturing, and offshore companies are all options for an electronics and communication engineer.

In India and abroad, an electronics engineer can pursue a variety of careers. Electronic engineers’ pay packages are determined by several elements, including their talents, credentials, employment location, recruiters, and a range of other parameters.

If you want to pursue a dynamic, engaging, exciting, and demanding career with a lot of job opportunities today and in the future, consider pursuing BTech ECE