Alumni's Testimonials

HITAM made me what I am. It gave me the foundation for my present stature.


Senior Engineer, QualComm

The education which I got at HITAM has not only helped in my work environment but also in my personal life! I thank all the staff and the management of HITAM who encouraged me throughout. Completing a bachelor degree is a small part of our life long journey. However, it is an essential part of our successful career. I’m now working as FAS Computer Forensic Technician in Deloitte, Hyderabad.

Abhilash U

Computer Forensic Technician, Deloitte

This is where I discovered me and my skills. I can never forget the support from the faculty. I’m missing HITAM. Special thanks to our director Mr. Chowdary, our Secretary Prashanth Reddy, my mentors Mr. Rajeshwar, Mr. Lokeshwar, Mr. M. Gopi, Mrs. Swapna, Mrs. Neelima and Mr. Janardhan for shaping me as a better Individual. Thanks a lot to my family i.e HITAM

Rajasekhar Vajrala

Business Development Manager, VRESUMES

HITAM was just another college when I first entered its portals. Now 7 years later I gratefully acknowledge the value add it has made to my life by grooming me. HITAM gave me a blend of academic learning and practical learning. Looking back, I can say proudly, HITAM is my college

Sameera Vanam

HR Executive, Wavecrest Payment Technology Pvt. Ltd