There are numerous possibilities when you’re selecting Engineering Colleges in Telangana. There are several claims, pledges, and declarations all over the place, mostly for ‘Engineering Study’. However, a select number takes a different approach, prioritizing a student-centric, hands-on, and industry-interactive approach.

Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management focuses on hands-on, project-based, and industry-interactive learning. Education prioritizes collaborative learning to raise expectations, realize dreams, and change the world. HITAM’s curriculum would be restructured as an AUTONOMOUS college, emphasizing industry-relevant curriculum and minor specialties taught by Adjunct teachers and HITAM’s renowned

The assessment criteria have been scientifically developed to allow students to be transformed into potential Path leaders and Game-changers by continuously monitoring their performance. Here’s a list of the appealing elements that have propelled HITAM to new heights in providing comprehensive, cutting-edge, and career-focused engineering education.

What makes HITAM so different?

HITAM's learning / teaching technique is mostly immersive, with students learning through project-based experi- ence learning in real-time. Students emerge as qualified and skilled engineers, ready for a smooth transfer into the professional / business sector, thanks to the Centres of Excellence and different outreach activities.

Scholarships are given to deserving candidates as a gesture of praise. Special scholarships are also available for athletes and those who are physically challenged.

The soul of an institution is reflected in its campus, which reflects its history, culture, image, management style, and even its future. It tells everyone who comes to see it how it sees itself and how it expects others to judge it. The wide greenery and attractive landscape components of HITAM provide a healing impact by lowering cogni- tive fatigue and other kinds of stress.

The IGBC Silver-rated Green building dominates the expansive campus, the hub of learning. A new Activity Centre, which fosters interactive learning and personality development, and has a full-fledged library, comple- ments it. A well-equipped Hostel building will be completed shortly, allowing students to experience the delight and profundity of living and learning on campus.

Engineering education must strive to achieve the ultimate goal of assisting students in becoming better engineers and clever global citizens who can apply their engineering expertise to address common-person problems and promote inclusive growth, equality, and human development.

HITAM has always adhered to its Vision & Mission, which embodies what has been said above. HITAM has become a sought-after school for students serious about ‘Doing Engineering’ rather than just studying engineering,’ thanks to the Management’s stated desire to develop a world-class institution and the Core Team’s diverse knowledge and experience.

HITAM aims to combat ‘academic drift’ and provide engineering rigor by forming a symbiotic relationship with industry partners and producing trained workers. Because the adjuncts provide real-life examples from their profession, it aids in developing practical linkages between the subject matter and their chosen professions.

Increasingly, solutions and enterprises are based on cross-disciplinary approaches and technologies and given the rate at which technology advances, this is a good thing. Adjunct teaching plays a unique function in helping to fulfill regulatory and industry issues as improvements occur.


HITAM has received an A+ rating from NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) and is the FIRST Affiliated College to receive a CGPA of 3.36 (in the 3.26–3.50 range for an A+ Grade) in the Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) category.

HITAM is presently listed among the Band B colleges in the Privately supported colleges category in the 2020 ATAL National Rankings.

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