About Career Design Center

The eventual goal of any degree being employment, we have designed our CAREER DESIGN CENTER to prepare our students adequately for corporate life. With extra & co-curricular trainings, internships, externships, job fairs, placements and much, much more, all of the CDC’s resources and programs are at the disposal of the HITAM family – students, parents, employers, alumni, faculty and staff.

The Center encourages creative partnerships with local industries and complementary external organizations.

Careers & Employability

The key to a successful career is employability. In earlier days, the college the student is from and the marks scored by him / her were the only attributes of employability. In fact, just these two factors paved the way for employment.

Can do attitude:  A positive attitude, readiness to work hard and contribute to the company. A drive to achieve results.

Problem solving:  Analyzing facts and situations and applying creative thinking to develop appropriate solutions.

Communication: Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in writing and orally.

Numerical ability:  Ability to work with numbers in practical applications and real life settings.

Computer skills:  Mid level familiarity with word processing, spreadsheets and file management.

Business intelligence and customer awareness:  Basic understanding of the key drivers for business success and the importance of customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty.

Personal traits:  An innovative mind set, creativity, collaboration and risk taking.

One common thread that has emerged in the CDC’s deep dive into industry needs, student capabilities and employability in the current job environment, is the need to ensure that all graduates emerging from HITAM are business ready in multiple environments, possessing the required skill, creativity and above all the willingness and ability to contribute immediately to their prospective employers.

Therefore, CDC has given the highest priority and focus for development of graduate employ ability in its agenda