Building the Institution

HITAM believes that nurturing nature is the best way to promote creativity. We are the first Green campus in India to be awarded a Silver Rating. Natural cooling towers, abundance of greenery and natural lighting, use of local materials etc. are but a few examples of our environment consciousness. Designed with free flowing geometric structures, the campus is equipped with best-in-class labs, impressive libraries, and spacious classrooms.

That the thrust on green building happened almost a decade ago vouches for the proactive nature of the founders of HITAM. Thanks to this forethought and expenditure well deployed, the day temperature within the building on a hot April afternoon is easily 7 to 8 degrees lesser than outside temperature. The free flowing breeze through the corridors and the canopy of green that greets our eyes are bound to boost the creativity of students. The greenery incorporated in our building design offers a calm and inspiring environment that encourages learning, curiosity and alertness. We believe that an inspiring ambience will foster the spirit of discovery and fuel our students’ quest for knowledge. We are equally confident that this concept of promoting green would instill in our students the intent to contribute to mother earth whatever we can, rather than deplete her of the resources she has been endowed with. We are convinced that our students’ stay in this green campus, though brief, will be purposeful enough to have a lasting impact on them, making them ecologically conscious citizens.