EWB HITAM - Student Chapter Process Flow

HITAM-EWB chapter has presented a proposal on the solution of a universal grand challenge in All India EWB chapter meet at SVCE ,Bangalore

HITAM 8 EWB students participated in IASF (IUCEE Annual Student Forum) ICTIEE 2020. All our India total 197students participated. We got awards for two project idea track

We got two awards for EPICS Poster presentation in ICTIEE 2020. From HITAM 06 faculty and 31 students presented 18 posters in ICTIEE 2020

IUCEE Student Leadership course online recognition ceremony( 16 Students successfully completed course)

EWB HITAM Student President Syed Majeedullah selected as a Co-Chair in IUCEE Student Summit 2020 , Dibya Kumari 2nd Year ECE, Shaista 2nd Year CSE as a core team member – (Prof. Krishna Vedula sir appreciated Syed Majeedullah for organizing the IUCE Student Summit 2020)

EWB HITAM Presented Chapter presentation in IUCEE Student Summit – 2020 got Outstanding presentation award

10 Students Participated in IUCEE Student Summit 2020 got runner up award for sustainable development goals presentation

EWB President Syed Majeddulah and EWB VP Aashish Sharma participated in IUCEE Annual Leadership Summit

EWB HITAM Students participated in EWB COVID 19 Grand Challenges. Total 16 Ideas selected from all our India EWB Chapter in these 5 are from HITAM. ALL 05 teams (Total 15 Students) given a presentation on the project.

EWB-INDIA COVID-19 Grand Challenge Presentations

Protective Umbrella
Air Humidifer Mask
E-80 CSM
Easy to make Sanitizer
Pro Care
Why Hitam