Data Science might be relatively new, but the subject has already strengthened its foothold among other professions. Many young minds are choosing it as their career. However, why has this field become so popular in such a short period? Why are many looking for B.Tech Data Science Colleges? Keep reading to know the answer.

Why should you choose B.Tech Data Science?

Let’s look at the reasons driving the demand for CSE (Data Science).

The field is evolving and is creating many job opportunities. Every company wants to utilize data to boost their growth which makes it an in-demand skill while there is a dearth of data scientists, which means, not only will you have better employability, but also more scope for negotiation.

B.Tech Data Science will make you eligible to be a data scientist across various fields, including health, technology, banking, commerce, etc. It is because data is not restricted to one industry, hence their experts are needed everywhere.

Data science is also one of the highest-paying jobs. It means you are not only valued but also paid well.

You can also contribute to society because many times data analysis is the 1st step in creating new products or making the existing ones better.

About B.Tech in Data Science

B.Tech Data Science is a 4-year undergraduate course that teaches students the use of tools to collect, visualize and process relevant data to assist decision making.

Program Specific Objective

To offer a good understanding of both the theory and application of science, mathematics, engineering, and computers to analyse huge data for solving complex problems.
To guide them in creating models using the knowledge acquired from the program to solve future challenges or encourage them for R&D and higher learning.
To make the graduates industry- ready by teaching them the skills of leadership, teamwork, and communication and helping them to become professional data scientists with high moral, ethical, and professional standards.

Program Specific Outcome

Our programs are outcome-oriented. They are designed in a way that you would learn something new and beneficial after passing each stage, which is why we are one of the Top Engineering Colleges in Telangana. Let’s take a look at the program Specific outcome of our CSE (Data Science).

Understand, analyze and develop essential proficiency in the usage of mathematical methodologies related to Data Science to solve practical problems.
Ability to implement fundamental concepts and methodologies of the computer system in data science along with usage of Artificial Intelligence and big data techniques for solving a problem.
To provide a concrete foundation in software development. Understand the software generation life cycle, ability to implement changes into it utilizing programming skills, and also contributing towards further research in Data Science.

Future Scope of B.Tech in Data Science

Data science is a growing and versatile field. Studying B.Tech Data Science can open many doors for your future success. Some of them include-

   – Data Scientist
   – Machine Learning Engineer
   – Business Intelligence Developer
   – Big Data Architect
   – Database Developer, etc.

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