Conduction of Semester-end Exams

  1. The additional controllers of examinations -1  shall be responsible for the smooth conduct of the semester end examinations with the support of the   staff and faculty invigilators drawn from the various departments 
  2. Questions paper setters/practical examiners from outside the college. The paper setter shall have at least five years of teaching experience and at  least of 2 years of experience in the respective subject
  3. The controller/additional controller will obtain 4 question papers from question paper setters which are further verified by the moderator. One of the moderated paper will be select by  the principal/chief superintendent/chief superintendent at least one hour before the conduct of examinations
  4. Controller of examinations with the help of additional controller procure all the selected question papers of the concerned course, print them and distribute them 10 minutes before the commencement of examinations
  5. An internal inspection squad consisting of three members constituted for the day of examinations by the principal/chief superintendent will visit all  the examination halls and ensures that the examinations are conducted as per the code of conduct
  6. By the next day of the completion of examinations of the course concerned , all the answer scripts are handed over to ACE-2 for evaluation
  7. The evaluation process is completed within four weeks after the conduct of examinations 
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