Parents Testimonials

Exactly 4 years ago (2020) I was looking for an engineering college that could mold my son into a gentleman and a well-rounded engineering graduate. While going through the engineering colleges available in Hyderabad and its surroundings, I came across HITAM College last, as they weren’t interested in advertisements in College Dunia etc. I researched the college’s history and the profile of its founder, Sri Prashanth Arutla. The aspects that I found unique about HITAM are: Green building: A practical example of applied engineering. Student Self Governance (SSG): Fostering leadership qualities in students. Career Development Centre (CDC): Evaluating student capabilities and fields of interest through technical assessments, which benefit both students and employers during placements. My son, Yalla Nihal, secured an EAMCET ranking of 12,149. He opted for the Computer Science AI & ML program and has now graduated with confidence in his subject and three offer letters in hand, secured through both campus and off-campus channels. Yalla Nihal is a hard worker who has proven himself in the areas he was assigned. He was selected for the core team of SSG and served as the student Dean for the CDC team in his final year. I wholeheartedly congratulate him on his success. Today, I feel like a proud father who made a wise decision by enrolling my son at HITAM, a perfect college that molded him into the person I envisioned. Finally, I am thankful to Sri Prashanth Arutla, Director of HITAM College, for his strong vision and dedication, as well as the faculty members, mentors, and administrative staff.

Yalla Muralidhar Rao

My Daughter, Rupali Mishra had a fabulous time during her engineering study at HITAM [2019-2023] and she came out successful. During her college selection I had an extensive one-to-one interaction with the college Management, Dean, Principal and faculty head. I was satisfied as the college has various committees where student representatives are available. End of each semester parent teacher reviews are conducted. ERP access was given to me where I can raise my child issue and know attendance and marks of my daughter. I used to get calls in case of any delay in any facility services. I am really thankful to HITAM for making the life and career of my daughter.

B. N. Mishra

I am Dharma Rao, F/o Sharath Bhargav, ECE graduate, batch of 2024. I am very happy to share that HITAM has been putting in continuous efforts for my son’s academic growth, as well as for his overall development. I was able to observe his personality development throughout these four years and I convey my sincere thanks to the faculty and management for their role in bringing about this positive change in him.

E. Dharma Rao

Chief Manager, SBI

We, as parents, are really happy with the outcome for our son, as he graduated from HITAM. There are many reasons we enrolled him in college in 2019. I first saw HITAM at my son’s admission. It was a small campus with a lot of nature surrounding it. I was a little hesitant considering the size of the campus, but my wife and my son liked it very much, so we decided to enroll him there. While he was in school, he was very calm and easygoing, but at HITAM, he became very active and took things seriously. He participated in all the activities, took up tasks, and attended workshops. I still remember when he had the opportunity to attend a workshop at IIIT Hyderabad. The dates of the workshop clashed with a pilgrimage trip to Tirupati we had planned, and I wanted him to come on the trip. However, he was interested in the workshop, and a dean from the college called me and convinced me to let him stay and attend it. He worked very hard; some days he stayed even after college hours. When I asked him, he would say “college work” or “project work.” Like any parent, I would get angry, but towards the end of his journey at this college, I saw him grow in every possible way. He secured two job opportunities, one with Tata Consultancy Services. He attended an international conference in Mysore where he presented his work. He has received multiple awards and certificates from the college, and got international college admissions for his master’s. Seeing my son achieve all this and grow in his life made us happy as parents. We are truly satisfied that we made the right choice for our son.

MVN Mallesar Rao

As a middle-class parent, I couldn’t be more satisfied with HITAM. The faculty are supportive, providing excellent guidance both academically and personally. HITAM’s focus on practical learning through projects and hands-on experience prepared my daughter well for her career. She has actively participated in various activities, clubs, and chapters, which played a crucial role in her personal development. These groups, along with strong academic support, helped her build leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. HITAM has been one of the best things for my daughter, and I am incredibly proud of that.

B. Ramesh

Father of Shiva Rakshitha, CSM (2020-24)

HITAM: A Happy Accident that Led to Holistic Growth
Finding the right college for my son was an unexpected journey. Our initial plan was for him to study abroad, to gain a broader perspective and experience. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those plans had to change. Faced with this new reality, we frantically searched for a college in India and prepared him for the EAMCET entrance exam. That’s how we found HITAM.

What started as a detour turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Over the past four years at HITAM, I’ve witnessed my son blossom in ways we never imagined. He actively participated in the Technical Club and Literary Clubs, even launching his own non-profit organization! He even rose to the prestigious position of Student Principal.

HITAM provided the nurturing environment my son craved. It wasn’t just about academics; it was about discovering himself and achieving holistic growth. The college fostered a spirit of exploration and leadership, offering experiences that rivaled anything we envisioned abroad.

In hindsight, this “happy accident” led us to the perfect place for him. I am incredibly grateful to HITAM for helping my son become the well-rounded individual he is today.

Swati Chakravarthy

Mother of Sidharth Medepalli, CSM (2020-24)

Quality in an academic institution is a journey and not a destination. Excellence is a measure of that quality. The overall quality depends on many factors such as the commitment and dedication of faculty as well as students, the clean and modern infrastructure of class rooms and laboratories, the innovation in pedagogy of teaching / learning process and the desire as well as preparedness to improve the curriculum with changing times. I am happy to note that HITAM is striving hard on all these aspects. I am sure that it is achieving excellence because it is continuing with journey of quality.

HITAM team is able to assemble the best talent of advisers and guides. HITAM is able to provide training and guidance to students for achieving good careers and jobs. HITAM is able to provide all facilities of sports and other amenities to students. HITAM does not believe in commercialization, marketing and massification of higher technical education. Founders have of HITAM have a strong.

Founders have of HITAM have a strong background of commitment and national pride. I am very confident that with such strong fundamentals and with the new national education policy framework of Government of India, HITAM is emerging as an excellent institution in the state of Telangana

Prof. Sanjay Dhande - Former Director-IIT, Kanpur

Visionary leadership, Impressive campus, Enthusiastic faculty. You are poised for success. All the best

Dr. Gopalkrishna Joshi - Director-CEER, KLETech

This is an excellent attempt of bringing new standards in the higher education, infrastructure and facilities. I wish the institution all the best

Mrs. Nirmala Sambamurthy - Founder, Ascent Leadership Consultant

An excellent ambience energetic students and faculty. wish you to guide the energies towards serving society

Brig. Pogula Ganesham - Founder-Palle Srujana

It was a pleasure interacting with top management, departmental heads and faculty. The intention to transform & reach greater height is very high. I wish them all the best

Prof. Ashok S Shettar - Vice Chancellor-KLETech

It is a great initiative by HITAM team. There is absolute need of such programmes in this education system. Brining parents, students and experts on to a single platform is a brilliant idea. All the best to whoever is involved in this initiative.

Sriharsha - Co-founder & Head of Operations (A.P), Wisdomkites servies Pvt. Ltd

NOV 2012 Happy to note that HITAM conducted the Engineer’s day in their college by conducting various events like Technical Quiz, Presentation, Essay Writing etc. These events give an opportunity to the students to excel in their capability. I found students to be more proactive. I wish them all the best for their future.

P.S. Krishna Kumar - GM (SLRDC), HAL, Hyderabad

Creation of good environment for learning and knowing any subject possible keep it up.

G.Gangadharam - Additional Joint Collector (Rtd.)

EPICS is doing well here

Mr.William Oakes - 701, U.Stadium Ave, West Lafayette, 47907, USA

This is an excellent attempt at bringing new standards in higher education with excellent infrastructure and facilities. I wish the institution all the best.

P. Sambamoorthy - Ascent Consultants

Congratulations to HITAM for focusing in the innovation process of student-centric approach for engineering education. This original pathway will lead undoubtedly to a better university and to a sustainable development of the region. I’m very happy to have had the opportunity to share a vision of a peace and technology.Keep up the good work of continually improving.

Dr. Jose Carlos Quadrado - Most recent President of IFEES