Hyderabad Institute of Technology and Management (HITAM) is a beautiful, lush, green campus in Medchal in Telangana State. It was started in 2001 as the Royal College of Engineering at Medak. The institution strives to provide qualitative education in Engineering and Management.

We offer a full spectrum of various facilities and features for our students to have the college life of their dreams, a memorable college experience, and come out of the college with flying colors.

HITAM’s Facilities Include


The campus is the face of a college. It is the first thing that anybody who visits the college would  notice. It plays a huge role in defining what the institution stands for and what image and value it holds.
HITAM’s IGBC Silver-rated expansive, magnificent, green campus and the aesthetic landscape give  the students a therapeutic feel and generate a calming and positive effect on the overall environment.


The labs in HITAM provide all the amenities for the students required for their training and analysis.
We upgrade the quality of our labs to achieve the modern standards for advancing knowledge for our students. We provide exclusive labs for every department with equipment essential for different
specialties and subjects


HITAM has an extensive library with a vast collection of books, articles, and journals accessible for the students to grow their knowledge. We have plenty of books on engineering, technology, science, management, and general studies.


The ambiance of HITAM’s classrooms promotes quality learning for students. The teaching is done in smart classrooms, which are well equipped with all the contemporary technological apparatus. Smart
learning will also allow the students to prepare for entrance into the professional world


HITAM provides transport facilities for students in the daytime. Our buses travel to and from multiple routes around the city. The location of our college is quite convenient as it is easily accessible for both private and public transportation services.
HITAM provides several facilities for the well-being and benefit of the students to ensure that the acquire knowledge in a convenient and comfortable environment. HITAM’s motivation toward quality
teaching acts as a driving force and encourages students to perform well and be their absolute best selves. They are not only trained to become engineers but also feel like one and aspire to be one, simultaneously preparing them to face the real world.

Student Self Governance

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