• Positive communication between all stakeholders.
  • Employees of HITAM should not take any help (monetary or non-monetary) from students without intimation to Management.
  • Transparency in recognitions, benefits and entitlements
  • No manipulation of data and information
  • Never give undue advantage to anyone.

Student Centric

  • Timely communication to parents on student participation and performance.
  • Orient and plan to attend the needs of students in curricular and extracurricular aspects
  • Staff to represent students’ needs
  • Timely intervention in resolving students’ issues.
  • No harassment, bias, ridicule

Continuous learning

  • Upgrading skills and qualifications in their respective domain
  • Adopting new and relevant pedagogies of teaching and learning
  • Explore possibility of new initiatives to enhance student learning experience
  • Collaborating with institutions for improvement and delivery of strategic objective.
  • Emerging trends in technology and industry needs


  • Staff are expected to inform any deviations of expected behaviour or happenings around them
  • Deciding and Delivering commitment
  • Adhering to timelines.
  • Every individual is accountable in Accomplishing institution’s vision
  • At all times, every decision should lead to enhancing learning experience of students and staff.


  • Grooming, Language and communication
  • Being positive, Team player and Fulfilling all the work norms
  • Avoid misusing resources of organization
  • Always enhance the image of the institution
  • Timely escalation of situations.


  • Celebrating success
  • Diversity – sensitivity to other genders and needs of differently abled, dignity of labour.
  • Inclusive & Participative approach in decision making
  • Not to indulge in physical or verbal abuse
  • Being fair at all times
  • No discrimination based on caste, creed, religion, region, hierarchy and political affiliations.